Our Services

We offer different kind of services related to engineering, and construction. Some of the main work we focuse on are listed below


Detail Engineering of any kind of construction


A perfect consultation would build strong structure


Perfect planning with high precision on work


Any kind of valuation in mathematical format


Perfect designing to have a better outlook of the construction


Survey of any construction to know detail architecture

Our Specialization

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We develop the best architecture of any kind of engineering projest. The whole thing is set up with perfection with no drawback.


The completed work by RL engineering will be so perfect that there won't be any kind of engineering fault after construction

Landscape Design

The landscape of construction looks so beautiful, and eye catching. Matching the nature of construction


Every project can be completed so perfectly by a great planning and we are expert in doing planning for our task

Planning and Development

Urban planning & housing development across all over Nepal with new concept of developing project

Geological Study

We find an appropriate way for construction of project in all geological places with our great team and machine.

We provide the best service in industry

Give us a chance to serve you by our technical, and physical resources.